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Ramen Shops are Good for the Soul
This was it, Daisuke realized as he unlocked the door to his shiny new ramen shop, he was finally going to achieve his childhood dream.  He paused, his key still in the lock, hardly believing that this moment was actually going to happen.  He gulped.  What if this wasn't real?  What if it was a- what were those things called again?  A hallucination?  Or it could be a dream.  Yeah, a really long, really involved dream.  After all, there was no way that getting a business loan to start up, followed by the hunt for exactly. the. right. store (which his real estate agent had been on the verge of declaring unreal), had been that complicated, right?
"Well, Daisuke-kun?"  A slightly irritated voice asked from behind him, "I'm here, at the crack of dawn, as per your request, with coffee, ready to help you do some massive cleaning.  Aren't you going to, oh, I don't know, o
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The Slayer
I'm the one everyone counts on.
Oh, most of the time, they don't know why they do it.  They just trust me.  Wish everyone was like that.  Because the people who do?  Are messed up.  Seriously.  I would say that they suck, but, well.... let's just say that I've seen too many people who suck, literally, to throw that word around like other kids my age.  Back to those messed up people who count on me.  Who does that?  Who counts on a frickin' teenager to save their hides?  Can't they take care of things themselves?  I mean, come on, I have school.  You know, classes?  If I don't actually do my work, and study, I will be royally screwed for the rest of my life!
Then again, maybe that's what they want.  If I flunk out of high school, then I won't really have any choice but to be their lackey forever and all eternity.  Now, that is something I
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Room Meme:  Host Family 3 by jellolids Room Meme: Host Family 3 :iconjellolids:jellolids 0 2 Colors in the Glass by jellolids Colors in the Glass :iconjellolids:jellolids 1 4
Wedding Present
She knows she's not supposed to do it, but she just can't resist.
Really, they ought to know better.  The box right there, positively screaming to be opened.  What's a girl to do?  Surely she shouldn't just leave it there.  After all, everyone deserves to know what's inside.  It can't be anything that bad.  It's probably something lovely, and they told her not to open it just to peak her curiosity.  Yes, that must be it.  It must be their idea of a joke.  Surely even Athena, scary and practical though she may be, can make a joke, right?
She knows she's not supposed to do it, but she just can't resist.
So what if her new husband said not to open the box because his brother told him that it would be a bad idea?  Big deal if he has foresight.  It didn't do him much good, from what she can tell, chained to a rock with birds picking at him,
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La Claire Fontaine by jellolids La Claire Fontaine :iconjellolids:jellolids 4 3 Room Meme:  Host Family 2 by jellolids Room Meme: Host Family 2 :iconjellolids:jellolids 1 6
Hetalia: Germany vs. Slovakia
Name: Michaela (Miška) Mladá
Age: Appearance is about 19.
Hair: Dark brown, slightly wavy, ends at about her waist.  Often, she stuffs it up in a braid or ponytail because she finds it annoying.  Actually, she habitually does this.
Eyes: Dark blue.  It's a rather intense coloration, but it suits her.
Race: Slavic (i.e. Caucasian with slightly darker coloration)
Height: 160 cm (5'3" for America's and United Kingdom's sake)
Build: Slim.  Very slim.  It is tempting to call her a stick.  She is not particularly "well-endowed"
History: Michaela (or Miška, as she prefers to be known) is the elder of a set of twins (see Mladý, Jakob, CZECH REPUBLIC below).  She was raised  by Elizabeta Hédérvary (HUNGARY) and Roderich Edelstein (AUSTRIA), as she spent pretty much all her young life as a territory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as did Jakob. 
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Componants of Humanity by jellolids Componants of Humanity :iconjellolids:jellolids 2 5 Pre Slovenska by jellolids Pre Slovenska :iconjellolids:jellolids 0 1 Pretty Lights on the Tree by jellolids Pretty Lights on the Tree :iconjellolids:jellolids 0 2 Sunset by jellolids Sunset :iconjellolids:jellolids 3 2
The Stunning Revelation
  While Draven had to admit, it was fun watching the Undersider who had broken into Keela’s room being dragged away in shackles, he could not say that he liked Keela’s methods.  She had run straight to that Artisan who had shown up at the Tower a few weeks ago, and brought him back to help.  Draven was not happy.  Keela was his, and he did not appreciate the competition presented by this Artisan, Mayrn, or whatever he called himself.  He glowered as Mayrn turned to Keela with a fondly proud smile on his face.
“Good work, Lala.  I hadn’t thought of using the ball to get him.  Although,” he added consideringly, “You could have just told him to turn himself in– OW!  What was that for?”  Draven smirked.  Keela had kicked Mayrn in the shins.
“That,” Keela told him calmly, “Was for criticizing my method of capture.
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The New Game
Keela sighed and pushed one of her braids over her shoulder, collapsing her glider with her other hand.  It had been nearly a week since Mayrn had come to the tower to warn her.  One very tiring week of wary watching and extreme jumpiness.  Draven had forgiven her for hugging a mysterious man, and Artisan no less, because he had found a new favorite game.  A hand grabbed her shoulder.
“Got you.”  A male voice murmured in her ear.  Keela yelped, and jerked herself away, scolding herself for letting herself get caught before she heard laughter coming from behind her.  She whirled, and glared at Draven, who was doubled over laughing.
“It is not funny, Draven!”  She hissed angrily.  Draven grinned.
“On the contrary, it’s very funny.  So, what’s the score now?  Draven, 72, Keela 3?”  Keela glared, then turned on
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Solitary Castle by jellolids Solitary Castle :iconjellolids:jellolids 5 2 Room Meme:  Host Family 1 by jellolids Room Meme: Host Family 1 :iconjellolids:jellolids 1 6
So, after about four years of radio silence, another update on how life is going.  Ummm... I just graduated from college, with a B.A. in French, magna cum laude, and an even shinier degree from my school's honors college.  Which also means that I wrote a senior thesis to get that shinier degree.  If you ever feel the urge to listen to someone babble about Occitan (that's a language spoken in the south of France that you've probably never heard of, and probably don't particularly care about), let me know.  After having wrote 71 pages about it, I assure you, I'm up to the task.  Other than that, I'll be going back to my university in the fall to get my M.A. in Linguistics, which means that I'm going to be in the market for a Ph.D. in another couple years.  The world of academia is calling.....  Wonder what would happen if I started specializing in subcultural languages. Such possibilities!

Errrrm... other than that, looking for jobs, of the minimum wage summer variety.  Oh joy.  But at least I'll (hopefully) be making some cash.  We'll see how it goes!
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